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Street Foodie

October 4, 2011

My name is Indrajeet Deshmukh i am a foodie i like exploring new food joints and try out new things. presently i am pursuing designing in Srishti school of Art Design Technology Banglore. Photography and acting is my passion Here is some of my photography work.


Nutrition is one of the most important aspect in which our family has always focused on. Since my childhood every morning my grandmother used to offer me ladoos (sweet  ladoos with mixture of dry fruits) . It had high calorie value and helped in overall development of the body.

Initially I hated food and I couldn’t throw any tantrums to my dad for not finishing the meal. All the junk food was thrown out of the house. Staple Indian food was always preferred. This did go on for many years till I got to know what is healthy and unhealthy for me. BUT the Sundays would be totally insane Sundays was like trying and testing new things going out and trying out food on new food joints getting the recipes of the tasty food items, trying and tasting new cuisines etc.

We shifted to Mumbai. After some years when I got to know the importance of nutrition and taste we began to explore different kind of street food. We literally went for the tours where we used to visit four or five famous food joints at a time and taste all dishes on the menu. We got the recipes and try it home. Sometimes we got the same taste, sometime they were disastrous but in the end it was a part experimenting and trial and error basis. Even now we do visit places and try to experiments with some recipe and try to make them healthy without losing the essence and the taste of the food.

In particular my family always did welcome all kind of things. But nutrition was specially taken care of which i am really glad because it kept me fit.  


Vada pav. “ It’s one of the tastiest easy to eat fast food which you can get. It consist of two parts Vada which is fried in oil and pav which is made of all purpose flour it basically came into existence in the industrial age of Mumbai. It was mostly eaten by workers. It is spicy and the taste differs according to the chutney served with it. LIST CHUTNEY’S Its available everywhere school canteens, stations, malls, cinema hall etc. and it’s easy to cook in less time. Many people prefer eating fried chilies which plays a catalyst to the taste. “Vada Pav” is the mix match of British, Maharashtrian and Konkani culture.


ToolsTandoori chicken: Tandoori chicken is the one of my favorite non- vegetarian food which I am eating since my childhood. No other non-veg dish has pleased me so much as compared to Tandoori chicken. Whenever I go to an roadside Dhaba or an restaurant I have Tandoori chicken. The red color gives a spicy feel to it which and attracts attention from other food items Tender feel of the and the aroma of the roasted craves me a lot. We get the essence of Tandoori only when you marignate it for long hours and then roast in tandoor.

Gajar halwa-( Sweet shredded carrot) It’s a sweet dish. Every year my mother cooks Gajar halwa for me on my Birthday. It’s basically made of carrot, Mava, Ghee, Elichi , Milk as per my knowledge. It can be eaten hot and cold both the time the taste varies. you can get this sweet at any sweetshops or restaurants. But I like the only one which is made by my mother and the one which you get in Canon Fast food centre at fort.

FoodLab Bangalore – is a 3 week workshop the Center for Genomic Gastronomy conducted with sophomores from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in the fall of 2011. Students will examine innovation and conservation in South Asian food cultures, building on recent research of the Center (utopian cuisines, mutagenic meals) and working towards the next edition of the Planetary Sculpture Supper Club to be held in Bangalore on Nov. 12th.

Follow the conversation all week here on our Blog, join in the comments and use the twitter hashtag #foodlabbangalore to keep up to date.


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