Mutagenic Meals

The Atom and Biological Science

“The Atom and Biological Science” Edited version. Full-length version available from the Prelinger Archives.

This is a series of curated meals using ingredients that have been created through the process of Mutagenesis. The first step is to find or create a list of plants that were mutagenically altered, and that are commercially available. (The Center is currently pursuing research in the U.S., but is happy to curate a Mutagenic Meal in other countries that would be willing to host our research).  In order to help in that process we have begun a wikipedia page on Mutation breeding.

Mutagenic grapefruit

The application of chemicals or radiation to seeds in order generate mutations, with the intention of developing agronomically viable cultivars, is not well documented, although there are some historians, scientists and artists that are beginning to document this interesting history. (See Resource List Below)

The Mutagenic Meals series attempts to assemble and cook with commercially available mutagenic plants in order to make this invisible culinary history, visible, tastable and discussable.

Known Mutagenic Varietals in The U.S.

– Rio Star Grapefruit[2]

– Todd’s Mitcham Peppermint (Verticillium wilt tolerance)[2]

– Murray Mitcham Peppermint (Verticillium wilt tolerance)[2]

– Calrose 76 Rice (short height rice induced with gamma rays)[2]

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