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BLOG Archive for February, 2015

LOCI Food Lab Scotland

February 23, 2015

On November 25th, 2014, the Center presented the second iteration of LOCI Food Lab in Edinburgh, both on the street and the in the Scottish Parliament. 

LociScotland_01LociScotland_03LociScotland_02LociScotland_05  LociScotland_04   

This edition of LOCI was a collaboration with chefs Ben Reade and Dave Crabtree-Logan (co-founders of The Scratch Series), both recently arrived back in Scotland. Ben after a stint at Nordic Food Lab while Dave recently returned from working in Portland, OR in the US.

LociScotland_06 LociScotland_07 LociScotland_08 LociScotland_09 LociScotland_10 LociScotland_11 LociScotland_12

The LOCI Food Lab: Edinburgh project was one outcome of the Nil By Mouth talent development program, which invited four artists to explore food, farming, science and sustainability through a series of collaborative residencies and workshops. The project is set in the context of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Program (SRP) and was designed and managed through a partnership between the Crichton Carbon Centre, Creative Scotland and Wide Open.  




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