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Planetary Sculpture Supper Club: Arctic Circle Edition

May 11, 2017

A Supper Club Event in Melbu, Norway

Saturday, May 27th
6pm @ Neptun Restaurant

PSSC: ACE is a collaboration between Center for Genomic Gastronomy (Artists in Residence at Neptun Art/Science Lab) & Neumann’s Røykeri & Supperclub, Melbu.

Planetary Sculpture Supper Clubs explore the ways planetary patterns change in response to how and what humans eat. How do we sculpt the planet through our food choices? What is the relationship between taste & place within a globalized food network?

The Planetary Sculpture Supper Club: Arctic Circle Edition at the Neptune Restaurant in Melbu will look at how a community at the periphery of the global food network takes advantage of its regional resources, and where it bumps up against the limits of seasonal eating and government policy.

Does geographical remoteness and an extreme environment create conditions for re-localizing a food culture or necessitate a reliance on exchange in order to eat well? Working with Chef Neumann of the Neptune restaurant, we will co-present a meal which embodies the challenges and joys of eating at the edge of the Earth.

From smoked boar goat, to sea urchin, to seaweed beer, we can expect a range of treats and surprises from the Arctic Circle. 

Images: Collecting seaweed to bring to the brewery.


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