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Intern #1. Update #1. Open Engagement Conference.

May 28, 2013

by Emilie  


The Center for Genomic Gastronomy was invited to participate in Portland State University’s Open Engagement Conference during the weekend of May 17th-19th.  This international conference, centered around social practice, seeks to foster meaningful dialogue about socially and politically engaged art-making practices.  


Zack Denfeld gave a lunchtime lecture about the professional practice he has with Cathrine (Cat) Kramer, The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (CENTGG).  Cat was unable to make the lecture at the last minute , so I got catapulted into the mix.  I am, until I come up with a better, more important sounding faux-title, calling myself (in Steve Zissou-style) Intern #1.  And no, unfortunately, I don’t have a Glock, or even one to share. 


The morning began with purchasing eight pounds of grapefruits from a nearby grocer and stealing packets of artificial sweeteners from the coffee shop (don’t worry, it was corporate).  Following this, there may have been a bend in time, because next thing I know I’m preparing salads for roughly 30 attendees while Zack gives his presentation about CENTGG’s myriad projects.  I, unfortunately, am unable to go into detail about the lecture because I tuned it all out to focus on shredding jicama.  Maybe now I should be called Chef Intern #1.  I prepared two salads, created from ingredients that traveled across continents after the Columbian Exchange.  One salad brings the Old World to the New World, and the reverse for the second.  The basic recipes are listed below. 


Old World to New World


Green kale

English peas

Fresh apricot (chopped)

Roasted rhubarb



Olive oil

Raw, toasted pistachios


Lemon juice



New World to Old World


Jicama (shredded)

Red bell pepper


Corn (raw, cut off the cob)




The Entire Menu for the lunch time talk is as follows:


Mutagenic Grapefruit, Jalepeno & Gin

amuse bouche
Doug Fir Tips

Geitost, Roquefort, Seastack

Columbaian Excahange Salad:
New World, Old World

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy
for Open Engagement
May 17, 2013




Thanks to Mack Mcfarland for helping prep at the last minute. Images 1 & 2 by Lexa Walsh, all other images by Jake Richardson. (Intern #2).


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