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Nov.: DIY Citizenship, Canada

November 13, 2010

Gave a lecture titled “How To Eat A GMO:Making Recipes, Contestational Cooking & We Have Always Been BioHackers”. Presented on the panel Making Science at DIY Citizenship: Critical Making at University of Toronto with two other great panelists (Carl Disalvo & Jonathan Cluck). Video of the whole panel here.

Here is a list of links, references & mentioned from the talk:

Glowing Sushi Youtube Channel.

Srishti Students video about Brinjal 4-way.

Art & Science class wiki. Upper division Fall 2010 at PNCA (Portland, OR).

The EU’s Protected Designation of Origin Database. DOOR – Database of Origin and Registration. The Protected Geographical Status in the EU (and elsewhere), take into account a wide range of human and non-human actors involved in human-agricultural-systems is an interesting place to do more research and creative work.

The EU’s database of field test applications for GMOs.

The US of field test applications for GMOs. (Information Systems for Biotechnology.)

The Centre for Experimental Media Art in Bangalore, India. (CEMA)

The Srishi School of Art, Design & Technology.

The CEMA-lead iGEM team. (Synthetic Biology)

Jaaga: Creative Common Ground. [Alternative Space] (Bangalore, India)


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