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Planetary Sculpture Supper Club Adventure Eating

June 21, 2013

Portland, OR is home to a plethora of foodies, culinary masterminds and adventurous eaters.  I fit in somewhere as an adventurous mastermind with a deep appreciation for food.  As far as food explorations go, I’ve eaten a pretty healthy sampling throughout my life, and I’d go so far as to say I’ve been more adventurous than the average person.  The Center for Genomic Gastronomy’s first Planetary Sculpture Supper Club, held Saturday, June 15th, introduced me to some interesting and incredible dishes, as I was fortunate enough to work alongside the conceptual culinary goddess, Heather Julius of Special Snowflake Studio. 

Five courses were prepared and presented to our guests for the evening, with each dish accompanied by a bit of context and relevancy.  Food was the medium through which the narrative was told of how humans have sculpted the planetary biosphere. 


Zack and Cat introduced each dish, while Heather, myself and a few other trusty CENTGG interns and volunteers prepped and plated behind the scenes. 

3 courses

The main course featured squab and the presentation of this dish became the highlight of my evening as I took on the role of Resident Beet Blood Splatter Artist.  Behold my handiwork below.


The evening was a success and was promptly followed by a well-earned celebratory drink. 

If you are interested in attending one of the upcoming Supper Club events, you may find all necessary information here: Planetary Sculpture Supper Club Events and Tickets


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