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Adversarial Food Design: Commodities, Compression & Kitchen Chemistry

November 28, 2016

tofuThe Adversarial Food Design workshop was organized in collaboration with The Smart Gastronomy Lab in Namur, Belgium as park of Kikk Festival, 2016. Molecular gastronomy techniques such as spherification and smoke guns allowed participants to explore the ways in which organisms can be processed, preserved and turned into ingredients or commodities.


Participants first took part in a Soylent Banquet, before transforming local ingredients and international commodities – a way of experiencing the fetishized taste of place (local) and the ubiquitous taste of no place (international) that represent the extremes of our current food system. All participants then collectively prototyped new recipes and ways of eating.



Dishes created by the participants: 




(Alternative Future) In Spain the Republican Party has won the civil war and created this dish to celebrate it. It has the purple and yellow colors of their flag. There’s no meat in it because it was banned, therefore worms are the new high-protien source for the Spanish people.

[potato powder, d’Ardennes butter, hand mixer, beautiful]




Cherry beer marinated, sous-vide chicken, with a side of carrots & beets and pineapples with Goji-ginger infusion. A dish from the near-future; created as a thanksgiving meal by refugees on a newly formed island off the South African coast to celebrate their victory over the Soylent Corp.

[sugar, cherry beer, juicer, simple, awe-inspiring]


OCEANA DESSERT: Simple product, complex kitchen


Made of tofu-ananas blend inverted into molds. With simple syrup from seaweed water. Sous vide seaweed in pineapple juice. All topped with algae bar crumble. In this future, ocean seaweed and industrially grown algae are staples and simple to grow sustainably, so all the energy is used in the kitchen to be creative with these abundant ingredients.

[tofu, sous vide, slower, real, seafood]




Baked smoked mackerel with a spirulina based-sauce (spirulina, ginger yoghurt, apple pineapple, blended & syphoned). Chestnut balls & fried potatoes (chestnut pate, honey, onion salt, sliced potato). Vacuum sealed coleslaw (sliced apple, onion, carrot, brussel sprouts, pickled with vinegar, sumac, cumin, mixed with yogurt).

[fresh, vacuum sealer, Soylent/MRBs, vegalicious]


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