WORK > 2016 > Adversarial Food Design

Adversarial Food Design: Commodities, Compression & Kitchen Chemistry was a workshop organized in collaboration with The Smart Gastronomy Lab in Namur, Belgium as park of KiKK Festival 2016. Molecular gastronomy techniques such as spherification and smoke guns allowed participants to explore the ways in which organisms can be processed, preserved and turned into ingredients or commodities.

Participants first took part in a Soylent Banquet, before transforming local ingredients and international commodities – a way of experiencing the fetishized taste of place (local) and the ubiquitous taste of no place (international) that represent the extremes of our current food system. All participants then collectively prototyped new recipes and ways of eating. Enthusiastic fans of Adversarial Food Design were directed to read Carlo DiSalvo’s Adversarial Design, which the workshop drew concepts from.

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