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June: NCBS, India

On June 17th the Center presented an iBio talk at Bangalore’s NCBS (National Center for Biological Science) about recent research projects that examine Agricultural Biodiversity, Genetic Engineering and Food Security from the perspective of a eaters and cooks. The audience was so big we had to move into a larger auditorium.

As luck would have it Daisy Ginsberg and James King (who have both worked on Synthetic Biology) were in town as well, and since we had a captive audience of scientists and post-docs, they gave a talk as well. An incredible 1-2 punch of art, science, consumption and excretion.

Thank you to for NCBS for hosting us, and initiating interdisciplinary conversation and post-disciplinary practice.

Lecture at NCBS (National Center for Biological Sciences) Bangalore, India from genomic gastronomy on Vimeo.