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August: Food Scene, USA

On August, 10th Zack from the Center for Genomic Gastronomy appeared with artist Cat Kramer on the Radio Heritage Network‘s radio show and podcast “The Food Scene”. Listen here.

“This week on The Food Seen Michael sat down with Catherine Kramer & Zack Denfeld to talk about biohacking, Monsanto and GMOs, using glow-in-the-dark fish to make sushi, plus Zack’s experiences in India and Cat’s social experiment distributing free food. Tune in for an extremely insightful look at the way we currently source food and the way we may some day source it, sci-fi style. This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch: grass-fed beef from California.”

Thanks to host Michael Harlan Turkell for putting together such an interesting podcast, and Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn for hosting, hooking it up and generally being awesome.