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Fermentation Workshop: Lab Notes + Results

In September & October 2020, our studio conducted an internal master-class with Dr. Johnny Drain, guiding us through ways to […]

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Test Kitchen | fish in chicks

Part 1 of BREXIT BANQUET: A Historical Pre-Enactment. As part of our current research project Brexit Banquet, the Center is […]

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Fermentation Workshop: Research Interests

ABOUT At the end of September we ran an internal master class about fermentation with Dr. Johnny Drain as our […]

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Today is the 1st day of our fermentation workshop which we will be running over the next 2 weeks. In preparation, f…
- Tuesday Sep 22 - 7:40am

Looking forward to meeting with many of our favorite folks when we speak at the #MetaMorf Digital Wilds festival th…
- Tuesday Mar 3 - 8:32am

RT @therourke: Excited to be speaking at The #MetaMorfX Digital Wilds festival, in Trondheim (March 6-7)... alongside such luminaries as @c
- Wednesday Feb 26 - 8:52am