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WORK > 2023 > Terroir That Travels

People, plants and entire agricultural landscapes are on the move. As the climate changes, how will farmers, cooks and food cultures in Europe adapt to migrating landscapes? 

This project  uses environmental data and satellite imagery to identify potential sites for pre-enacting disrupted tastes of place and asking “What does local food taste like when climate changes everything?”, “Who and what belongs where?” and “what will thrive and what will be left behind?”. 

As the planet warms over the next century, populations of plants, people and other organisms will either acclimate and adapt to their new conditions, or migrate towards more hospitable geographies. These questions are particularly relevant in the E.U. because taste-of-place and regional foods are legally protected under the Protected Geographic Indicator (P.G.I.) scheme—and climate change is already undermining the ability to sustain these agricultural landscapes and foodways. 

TERROIR THAT TRAVELS asks how we can make room for the plants and people that will migrate to and within Europe due to climate change.