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Marte Teigen on Food Phreaking 01

This past spring we had the pleasure of working with Marte Teigen, a talented student at KHiB, in Bergen, Norway. […]

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The Center Is Hiring...

Spend your summer in lovely Kew Gardens interacting with the public and opening people’s eyes and noses to the delightful […]

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LOCI Food Lab Scotland

On November 25th, 2014, the Center presented the second iteration of LOCI Food Lab in Edinburgh, both on the street and the in […]

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How do you compare heirloom cultivars, hybrid varieties & transgenic varieties to crop wild relatives? # of genetic differences? yrs in use?
- Saturday Aug 29 - 3:34pm

Q: Is there a scale that agronomists use to measure how divergent a crop variety is from its crop wild relative? (We are planning a chart.)
- Saturday Aug 29 - 3:31pm