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Now Serving Cobalt-60 Sauce...

Cobalt-60 Sauce is currently being exhibited (and is available to sample) at MU in Eindhoven as part of Matter of Life | […]

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LOCI Food Lab: Scotland Research

The Center is collaborating with chefs Ben Reade and Dave Crabtree-Logan (co-founders of The Scratch Series) for the next iteration of LOCI […]

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LOCI Food Lab: PDX Summary

The LOCI Food Lab (“Bite-sized Bioregionalism”) is a traveling food stand for prototyping, serving and debating a range of bioregional […]

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"As I swallow, I draw in the head and beak...and blithely crush the skull.” Yes. Well.The vegan version it is, so.
- Wednesday Jan 14 - 10:55am

Our work makes a cameo in a newspaper review of Irish TV show, "Charlie”. One more reason we like Ireland.
- Wednesday Jan 14 - 10:53am

"The farm of the future should be ____.” (as answered by undergrads on day 1 of our interdisciplinary course) #ITLdub
- Monday Jan 12 - 5:27pm