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LOCI @ Foresight Conference Berlin

Last week we the Center participated as speakers and artists in the Conjectural Futures Conference, a two-day event around foresight […]

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Serendipity Festival Goa - Brinjals & Planetary Sculpture Picnics

In December of last year, the Center visited Goa, India to participate in Serendipity Festival. We ran two projects during the festival: […]

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To Flavour Our Tears - DDW & Lisbon Food Studies

The latest version of our To Flavour Our Tears project was featured at Dutch Design Week as part of the Embassy of Food and […]

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Nice shoutout at NOBA (Norwegian BioArt Arena) symposium.
- Tuesday Apr 16 - 11:54am

Are the Sweat Bees preparing humans to be harvested? // "Taiwan doctor finds four sweat bees living inside woman's…
- Wednesday Apr 10 - 8:32am

TFW when your Vending Machine gets a spot on google maps. Who put this up here? Do people review vending machines?…
- Wednesday Mar 27 - 3:09pm