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The Center Is Hiring...

Spend your summer in lovely Kew Gardens interacting with the public and opening people’s eyes and noses to the delightful […]

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LOCI Food Lab Scotland

On November 25th, 2014, the Center presented the second iteration of LOCI Food Lab in Edinburgh, both on the street and the in […]

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IFTF Interview

Back in the summer of 2014 we sat down with Sarah Smith from Institute For The Future as part of her […]

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RT @amandamcdc: Provocative seminar on food - challenging our food systems @BaltanLab @Hivos | #arttechfood @scoopit
- Thursday May 14 - 9:49pm

The #SpiceComputer is booting up and nearly ready to load its operating system: …us!
- Thursday May 7 - 6:03pm

Some more research on transgenic poppy: and mutagenic poppy:
- Tuesday May 5 - 11:06am