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Smog Tasting in New Delhi

Our ongoing project Smog Tasting will be exhibited in the show G/rove, which opens this week in New Delhi. Smog meringues will be served […]

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LUCKY PEACH: The Flavor of Smog

Lucky Peach did a nice video with Harold McGee, and our Smog Tasting and the Smog Synth feature in the […]

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Adversarial Food Design: Commodities, Compression & Kitchen Chemistry

The Adversarial Food Design workshop was organized in collaboration with The Smart Gastronomy Lab in Namur, Belgium as park of Kikk Festival, 2016. Molecular gastronomy techniques […]

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On March 15th the founders & curators of the Museum @OfCapitalism will be speaking in Dublin @TLRHub #CollapseLab
- Thursday Feb 23 - 11:35am

Anyone else have trouble getting paid by @BDPublishing 2 years on? DM us. Great books, but would not recommend working w/ them. #ArtsNotFree
- Monday Feb 20 - 2:38pm