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LOCI @ Foresight Conference Berlin

Last week we the Center participated as speakers and artists in the Conjectural Futures Conference, a two-day event around foresight […]

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Serendipity Festival Goa - Brinjals & Planetary Sculpture Picnics

In December of last year, the Center visited Goa, India to participate in Serendipity Festival. We ran two projects during the festival: […]

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To Flavour Our Tears - DDW & Lisbon Food Studies

The latest version of our To Flavour Our Tears project was featured at Dutch Design Week as part of the Embassy of Food and […]

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How to Harvest Ourselves . To Flavour Our Tears is a project that attempts to place humans back into the food chain…
- Monday Mar 18 - 11:10am

‘How to Harvest Yourself’ workshop @MU_artspace for closing of #anthroaquaponics + #toflavourourtears @ MU Artspace
- Saturday Mar 9 - 6:58pm