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LOCI Food Lab v. 1.0 [Portland, OR]

For the very first deployment of the LOCI food lab, we set up at the First Thursday street side event […]

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Loci Food Lab Research: Urban Farm Tour

Last weekend in Portland, Oregon, we went on a farm tour as research for our upcoming project Loci Food Lab. We […]

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Culinary Forensics Lab: Aalto Biofilia

  As part of Aalto University’s Dinner’s Ready programming, the Center for Genomic Gastronomy was invited to host a 2-day […]

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I would have love to have been a fly on the wall in the "BK Black Burger" design meetings:
- Thursday Sep 11 - 5:02pm

In London on Sept. 25 - 27th? Come see our Spice Mix Super Computer at London Bridge Live Arts 2014: @TeamLondonBdg
- Thursday Sep 11 - 4:06pm

A New Kind of Baker's Yeast That Gets You High. #CookTheEaterNotTheFood
- Wednesday Sep 10 - 6:12pm