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WORK > 2024 > MVP x FFF

The MVP x FFF Food Computer is an AI-assisted thinking and tinkering tool for harmonizing the rhythms and culinary possibilities of Minimum Viable Proteins (MVPs) and Food Forest Flavours (FFFs).

The computer remixes ingredients based on harvest dates and user preferences, creating novel and delicious recipes that are ecologically-minded and nutritionally-complete.

Instead of trying to create one perfect approach to agriculture, this artistic research project uses artificial intelligence to graft together two visions of the future that are usually pitted against each other: alternative protein production and agroforestry.

But can high-tech, hyper-efficient proteins pair well with regenerative microseasonal ingredients in the kitchen? The MVP x FFF Food Computer connects these two complementary, but differently optimized, farming typologies through recipes and flavor.

Select your location and the date you want to eat, then add your preferences, and the MVP x FFF Food Computer will do the rest! But will it taste good?

This project is developed as part of the Hungry EcoCities S+T+ARTS Residency which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101069990.