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Meatball Multiverse is an installation which asks, “how much meat must a meatball be?” and looks at the histories and possible futures of meatball recipes and culture in Norway.

The installation includes:

Meatball Matrix: 100 Shades of Beige
24 photographs.
Meatball portraits hung in descending order of meatiness (left: 99% to right: 0%).

To Die For
Artist book, edition of 150.
This book explores questions of more meat / less meat meatballs in Norwegian history and culture.

Kjøttkaker som klimatiltak
Audio recording.
This is an excerpt of a radio debate: “Meatballs as Climate Measure” Politisk Kvarter, 10.05.2021.

Meatball poufs
Take a seat and relax on this inedible meat simulation. What makes a meatball a meatball?

Now you can buy the book!

To Die For: Meatball Book

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To Die For: