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WORK > 2023 > Food Phreaking Issue 4.5

Food Phreaking is where food, technology and open culture meet. Each issue of the journal contains stories about experiments, exploits and explorations of human food systems. Our previous issue, Food Phreaking Issue 04, was all about SEEDS.

In Food Phreaking Issue 4 ½ we zoom in on SPACE SEEDS: the seeds of edible plant varieties that have been cultivated for—or traveled to—outer space. SPACE SEEDS focuses on the peculiar botanical space travelers that have been bred, nourished, grown, eaten, and in some cases even brought back to Earth to repopulate our soils.

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Food Phreaking Issue 4.5

Support for the printing of this book has come from OpenLab Research Center and the Genomics Institute at UC Santa Cruz. Special thanks to Jennifer Parker for her advocacy and enthusiasm.


Satellite Seeds as Space PR by David Skogerboe
Foraging Cyanobacteria in Space by Jennifer Parker
Internalised Terroir by Miha Turšič
Plants That Jumped the Priory Walls by Hollie Kearns
From Phenology to the Vast Universe by Diane Xing


Diary of an Earth-Bound Astronaut
Planetary Crop Rotation
Exit Strategy