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WORK > 2022 > Guided Smog Smelling Meditation

Guided Smog Smelling uses human sense of smell and taste to analyze air pollution and evaluate aeroir—the unique atmospheric taste of place.

The purpose of Guided Smog Smelling is to activate our bodies, lungs and sense of smell, and to experience with intention the unique atmospheric moment we are living through. Depending on where your body is located on the planet, the air smells different and even feels different. What conditions and events are contributing to your unique smell and taste of a place? Car exhaust, power plant emissions, weather, altitude, pollen, plant oils, airborne spores? Guided Smog Smelling is an invitation to slow down, focus on your breathing and reconnect your body to the flows in and out of your airshed.

Guided Smog Smelling was hosted by Khoj arts organization for Air Expo 22 in New Delhi.