WORK > 2020 > Guided Smog Smelling

Guided Smog Smelling uses the human sense of smell and taste to analyze air pollution and evaluate aeroir—the unique atmospheric taste of place.

The purpose of Guided Smog Smelling is to activate our bodies, lungs and sense of smell (over the internet or socially-distanced together) and to experience with intention the unique atmospheric moment we are living through. 

Smell the new (ab)normal. Open a window and breathe it in. Does the world smell different than it did before it went into a forced hibernation?

During the COVID-19 global shut down, industrial pollution crashed as the global industrial economy ground to a halt. The air quality and smell of cities changed overnight. 

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A customized Guided Smog Smelling series was held in Bergen Harbor at Aldea / BEK in June 2020 as part of the The Radical Futures Club for the Reorganization of Matter. We examined the history and seasonal variation of smog in this airshed, and the impact that COVID-19, fuel use, and changes in ocean use have on air pollution. More here.