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WORK > 2019 > New National Dish: Poland (2019)

NEW NATIONAL DISH: POLAND is a project that asks how climate change will change what people might eat in Poland in the year 2030.

It tells the story of four different possible future scenarios in the year 2030 with a flag and a recipe for each. The four scenarios draw on research about environmental, economic, and social impacts of climate change.

This forecasting piece imagines the elements of a New National Dish for Poalnd based on the principle concept that eaters shape the Earth through the foods and stories we celebrate, cultivate, and propagate.

New National Dish: Poland is a scenario planning proposal consisting of a set of stories, recipes, tasters, and flags detailing four directions the national dish (and by extension the nation) may take due to the environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change.

Over the next 10 years, our recipes will adapt to ecological challenges, political and economic uncertainty, and changes in supply chains. How, in turn, will these elements of the food system change based on our new preferences, tastes and stories?

Utilizing a scenario planning methodology, we have generated four radically different futures for you to try on, and taste. Each future is based on the idea that a New National Dish needs to be resilient and able to adapt in the face of predicted and unexpected challenges alike. These futures are not predictions, but rather edible fictions you can use to imagine with or push back against.

NND:POLAND is a continuation of the New National Dish project series which has previously taken place in France, Portugal, Norway and United Arab Emirates.