WORK > 2018 > Endophyte Supper Club

The Endophyte Supper Club is a dinner event where Endophyte Club members identify, discuss and utilize the microbes that live inside of plants, imagining the ways they could and might transform the way humans grow, eat and experience food. 

At the Endophyte Club, we prototype new relationships between humans, plants and microbes using smell, taste, touch and molecular techniques to reveal a new, unseen world.

We hope to develop new of ways eating, with other organisms in mind. At the Endophyte Supper Club we ask visitors to become aware of the microorganisms that live on and inside themselves as well as plants. Are human and plant bodies like zoos, gardens, restaurants or cities for these undetected multitudes? Now that we know that they are there, and what they are capable of, how should we treat them? This dinner event is an invitation to taste, grow and recognize this hidden side of life.

Recipe Development: Vilma Luostarinen
Videography: Brandon Polack