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FIELD TEST: Radical Adventures in Future Farming is an exhibition that asks what, where and how we should grow in the coming years.

The 21st century is indisputably the biological century, and the farm is where the action is. Farming is messy and imperfect. Organisms and environmental flows do not follow the linear paths we lay down on diagrams, or observe in clean rooms. Changes on farms require field tests. Our future may very well be high-tech, slick and highly designed, but our future will be grown, not built. Farms — not mines or oil wells — will form the foundation of our sustainable civilisation, even if those farms look unusual or unfamiliar.

Should we make hay while the sun shines, or when the sensors say? Will plant and agrifood research innovate to meet global consumption, or will farms change into factories, food forests or even theme parks?

The artifacts and artworks presented in FIELD TEST map out the controversies around seed saving and intellectual property, compare two key in vitro meat prototypes and present examples of farm cyborgs and future farms that visitors can embrace or resist in the process of articulating their own desires.

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