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Food Phreaking Issue 01
A Culinary Compendium of Curious Botanical Fruit Cultivars

In this first issue, we examine a range of botanical fruit cultivars that have been manipulated by human food cultures…

Botanical fruits include most of the world’s major grain crops as well as colorful fruits like apples and mangoes that have extensive cultural and symbolic meaning. But who gets to decide what changes are made in a single species of botanical fruit such as apple, corn, mango or rice?

Food Phreaking Issue 01 is intended to help amateur readers, who are not involved in agronomy, agribusiness or the food industry, familiarize themselves with some of the technical aspects of agricultural biodiversity.


Food Phreaking is the journal of experiments, exploits and explorations of the human food system. We hope you use this survey of botanical fruits as a starting point to understand past and present fruit cultivars, and to imagine a range of potential food futures.


* Contains 22 short stories Food Phreaking stories
* Risograph printed
* 2-color ink, with 3 color cover
* Cover illustration by Jen Tong
* First edition of 500

Printed by DittoPress in London

If you want to take a look at the content, or if you can’t afford a book, feel free to download the PDF of Food Phreaking Issue 01 here.