WORK > 2013 > Planetary Sculpture Supper Club: Pittsburgh

Planetary Sculpture Supper Clubs explore the ways planetary patterns change in response to how and what humans eat.

For this Planetary Sculpture Supper Club the Center for Genomic Gastronomy worked in collaboration with The Center for PostNatural History & PostNatural Art Studio at Carnegie Mellon University. Students from the studio designed and prepared the following dishes:

Three Milks: Alive, Dead & Resurrected

tasting flight
A Selection of Five Sugars

amuse bouche
Invisible: Root Vegetable Stew with Waxworm Roux 
on Waxworm Fritter
Imposter: Lumpia “Wax Moth” atop a Honey-Chile Sauce
Immaculate: Waxworm Soft Shell Taco with Chile Marrón

Producer: Seaweed Salad
Primary Consumer: Boiled Shrimp Tossed in an Old Bay Blend
Secondary Consumer: Pan-Fried Catfish
Secondary Consumer: Seared Lemon-Pepper Pike
Tertiary Consumer: Blackened Alligator in a Citrus Honey Sauce

Frackfluid & Baileys

Lemon Curd, Avacado & Sour Cream Tartlet
Served with a Miracle Berry