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WORK > 2013 > De-Extinction Deli

The De-extinction Deli is a fantastical market stand designed to highlight the emerging technologies, risks, and outcomes of the growing movement to bring back, and possibly eat, extinct species. 

Visitors can learn about the de-extinction debate from the Deli’s representatives and through the Deli’s interactive environment. The market stand includes butcher paper infographic take-aways, representations of extinct animal habitats, a grow-your-own cell kit, and an ongoing public poll in which visitors answer a series of questions regarding de-extinction. Visitors leave with badges indicating their choices, and their votes are tallied on a blackboard for public viewing.

What is the role of de-extinction? What is the motivation? And what are the unintended consequences? Will de-extinct species have a habitat? And will they have a place on deli shelves?

“Yesterday’s Meat Tomorrow.”




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Center for the Future of Museums
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