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WORK > 2012 > Invasivorism

Invasive species are flora and fauna whose introduction into a habitat disrupts the native eco-system. In response, Invasivorism explores the idea of eating invasive species in order to control or reduce their populations. A number of chefs around the world have begun seeking out and using invasive species as cooking ingredients, not just to make a point, but to make a dent in their population. On the other hand, the incorporation of invasive species into our diet could cause eaters to begin farming these pests, exacerbating the problem. Although it could be argued that humans are the most hostile and disruptive invasive species of all, in Ireland today examples of the ‘most unwanted’ are the Brown Bullhead Catfish, the Water Fern and the Grey squirrel. How would you feel about grey squirrel stew for dinner? In the Netherlands we experimented with eating Procambarus clarkii, but it turns out that fishing these invasives mostly exacerbates the problem, so we stopped.  


Link to Guiness & Grey
Squirrel Stew recipe (.pdf)