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Where do failed GMOs go to die?
Who gets to taste them?

Vegetarian Bouillabaisse is a historical reenactment of Science. The goal of the project is to find and cook with the infamous but misunderstood frost-tolerant Fish Tomato genome.

Although canonical in the history of Agriculture and Biotechnology, this ingredient has somehow slipped through the cracks of history, much like it’s original creator DNA Plant Technology.

The Center is currently documenting the history of this plant and is seeking information about whether any copies of the genetic material (seeds or cryogenically preserved plant tissue culture / germplasm) remain on the planet.

In the process of tracking down and cooking a transgenic Fish Tomato soup we hope to make public the processes that led to the creation, hype and abandonment of this genome and to dispel popular myths surrounding it. Cultural probes created as part of this process will be designed to engender debate about scientific production and communication, biotechnology, and cultural amnesia.


Will Eating Vegetarian Bouillabaisse Make Me Sick?

Making Vegetarian Bouillabaisse: What Happens to GMOs If They Fail?

Permit Number 91-079-01r (.pdf)

BBC article from 2003: GM Food (.pdf)


Recipe Development: Heather Julius.
Food Photograph: Ryan Fish.