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WORK > 2011 > Cheese Wrestling

Cheese Wrestling is a spectacle where the heavyweight champions of the cheese world battle for the attention of your senses in the wrestling ring of taste: Your Mouth.

During each round, attendees taste one cheese, and then the other, voting on which one wins the admiration of the tastebuds. Costumed servers personify the flavor profile and terroir of each cheese, while a VJ recreates the origin tale of each cheese and an announcer barks out the rivalries and special moves of each contestant. A series of tastings leads to the crowning of a champion cheese.

Cheese wrestling is about the processes of manufacture and the manufacture of taste. Showcasing a selection of the many personalities of one of the most widespread biotechnologies on the planet.

SEE ALSO: Cheese as an Appropriate Technology


The first event was held Friday, June 24 at Gallery Homeland, Portland, OR.

Photos: Seth Shaw (complete set on Flickr)
Hosts: Gallery Homeland, Research Club
Curatorial Assistance: Nim Wunnan, Carl Diehl
Video Performance & Video Programming:
Carl Diehl
Wrestlers: Laura Allcorn, Robert Fortner, Vinh Ngyuen, Bryan Rudd, Stephanie Simek
Video & Photo Documentation: Jeff Richardson