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WORK > 2012 > Doomer Food


For some eaters the end is nigh – it’s just a matter of time. This work is a collection of food and financial data which represents the fears surrounding peak oil, global climate change and economic instability. This collection of supermarket foods was drawn from one of the many lists put together by the online “doomer” community, which makes recommendations on how to prepare for the bleak future they envision.

The scrolling LED signs communicate the price of corn, oil and gold, as well as the words of the writer Limerick King, who employs the eponymous poetic style when commenting on the financial website ZERO HEDGE.

What does this data and food stockpiling say about our current food system? With the recent turbulence of the global economy, and ecological disasters exposing the fragility of our societies, how are you preparing for an uncertain future?



2012: EdibleScience Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)

2012: CollectionsFictilis (Seattle, USA)


B&W Images (left) Sources:

Back when FEMA made doomers look cool.

Here is a fine 1957 model fallout shelter for inspiration.