WORK > 2012 > Mutagenic Mist

Mutagenic Mist is a custom-built vortex cannon that serves puffs of mutation-bred peppermint.

Mutagenic Mist allows visitors to taste one of the most commercially successful radiation-bred foods in the world. An edible, smellable mist is served by firing a vortex cannon. This mist contains a peppermint oil made from Todd’s Mitcham peppermint. Approved in the 1970s, Todd’s Mitcham was radiation bred to be disease resistant and comprises the bulk of the world’s 5,000 ton-plus annual consumption of peppermint oil.*

* Ahloowali, B.S. (2004). “Global impact of mutation-derived varieties”. Euphytica 135: 187-204.

Mutagenic Mist photo credit: Patrick Bolger